「What are you doing!!!」

The mother calmly answers Ritone, who complains while enduring the pain.

「Don’t worry, you’ll recover immediately due to my dragon blood’s blessing. Endure it for 30 minutes.」

「30 minutes… Ow!」

Due to the pain from his bone fractures and the pain of the sudden recovery of his bones, Ritone fainted in agony; however, Mother was merciless.

30 minutes later, his head was lifted up to the sky.

「P-please wait a minute! What is this training for!」

「Don’t worry, if you continue this for a day, you’ll understand the reason with your own body.」

Being released merciless in the air, he naturally broke his leg.


And then, 6 hours later – 12th time

「Strange, you should’ve come to understand it by now… Or are you a masochist?」

「It’s not that! Please, at least tell me what you are doing!」

The mother sighs, as Ritone yells while being lifted in the air.

「Like I was saying, it can’t be explained through words! If you don’t like the unpleasant pain, you have to prevent yourself from getting hurt by any means! 」

Releasing her hand again, she caused him to fall with great force.

(DAAAMMMMNNN! I don’t want this anymore!)

Because of the ingrained instinct to hate pain, somehow or another he tries to avoid a bone fracture.

Ritone unconsciously concentrated magic to his feet.

A doooon~like sound is heard, and for the twelveth time, a cloud of dust caused by the falls arose today.

「Well, well… Such poor learner. I believe that it should be happening anytime soon, but … oh?」

A shadow appears inside the cloud of dust as it calms down.

Ritone stood tall without fracturing his two legs.


Even he doesn’t understand what had happened.

「Fumu, it seems to have worked. Then let’s do it one more time.」

Being lifted to the sky and dropped again, this time, his legs broke as usual.

「O-ouch… 」

「Fool, weren’t you able to do that a while ago? It seems that you are getting accustomed to pain. Then, I will add in the fear of death; next, it will be a height of 15 meters! 」

「St-stop it! It huurrtts! The bone fractures haven’t healed either!」

「I don’t care!」

Mercilessly, he was lifted 15 meters high.

「If it’s this height, you will definitely land with your head. Do it like your life depends on it, recall that feeling a while ago! Humph!」

Specifically adding more force, he was thrown to the ground.

Ritone, sensing the terror of death, desperately tries to recall the feeling from a while ago.

(I don’t want to diiiiieee!)

Guarding his head instinctively. Protecting it with his hands, hardening his body, he exudes his magic.

(Huh? This feeling… )

When using magic so far, he emanated it with his mind, but now it was emanating throughout his whole body.

Without time to think, he crashed into the ground.

Don~, a sound was heard, and once again a cloud of dust magnificently arises.



Milky and Rin rushed over in a panic, as a crater of 3 meters in diameter emerges.

「O-onii-chan, did you die?」


When Rin was about to cry, at the bottom of the crater, something crept out.

「U-uu… Gaku~」
[SeventhRealm: Gaku – Sound for collapsing]

Ritone, who is worn-out, crawls out and faints on the spot.


Rin, rushing over while panicking, treats him with water magic.

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