The Blessing and the Start of the Training

「Since it can’t be helped, I’m going to grant you my blessing.」

She forcefully pulls Ritone, and kisses him.
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Pain was coursing throughout his entire body.

「Don’t make a fuss! Right now, I’m injecting you with dragon’s blood. Hold on for a bit!」

Still kissing him, she talked to him telepathically. The suffering that felt like eternity ended abruptly.


After all of it, Ritone fell on the floor.

「Hou~, you withstood that. You, at least, have some willpower. Listen well, the blood that I injected you with is both a blessing and a curse. If you ever harm my child or become an evil existence, it will activate the curse and eat you from the inside.」

Listening to Mother Dragon’s words, Ritone was carving his thoughts deep inside.

(I know. The hero was able to become strong to the point that he could win against the demon king, thanks to Mother Dragon’s blessing. Later, his demise was also due to the curse of her blood. And with this, I’m able to stand at the hero’s starting point.)

Ritone was happy deep inside but fell into despair after her next words.

「My blessing is 「Limit Break」. You won’t die easily, and as you train harder, you will become stronger. Nevertheless, even though your physical strength and magic power were strengthened, you’re still weak.」

「Eh? So I’m unable to protect Milky then?」

Thinking that he got a cheat ability, he felt disappointed as his prediction was off.

「Don’t worry about it. My child still requires my milk. From now on, I have to come every day to breastfeed her, so in the meantime, I will train you thoroughly. Like the Hero Artemis, you will protect my child.」

Seeing Mother Dragon’s smile as she said that, Ritone felt insecure about his life from now on.



While Rin and Milky watch over them, Mother and Ritone started training.

「Well then, I’m going to start your training in the martial art that my father Artemis developed: 『Rising Dragon Cloud Fist』」(雲亢竜拳)
[Tach: Ascending Heavenly Dragon Cloud Fist.]

「Shitting Dragon Fist?」(ウンコ竜拳)
[Tach: Lol, Shitting Dragon Fist]
[Daily: This is a play on the word “Un Kouryuu” 雲亢竜 having the same pronunciation as “Unko Ryuu” ウンコ竜]

Thinking that it was some kind of mistake, he repeats it in surprise.

「You fool! It means “the fist that reaches above the clouds like a heavenly dragon with one’s own body”!」

Without delay, he was scolded by Mother Dragon.

「Please, instruct me well.」

While Ritone bowed, Mother Dragon suddenly grabbed his head and softly raises him to the sky.

「What- what are you- ?」

「First, you need to learn it with your body!」

As she reached a height of 7 meters, she released her claw.


Obviously, Ritone falls.


Somehow, he landed on his feet, and naturally, he broke his legs.
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