Encounter with the Mother Dragon

(This is bad… if things stay this way, everything will be taken by the hero.)

Once again, I’m aware of the difficulty with competing with the hero.

Aside from the fact that he has the cheat ability called hero as his birthright, although he is an illegitimate child, he is still a prince who inherits the blood of the king.

To add, he is also a handsome man, so that makes him practically invincible.

Despite being a successor in nobility, ability-wise, Ritone who is at the level of mediocrity was at a disadvantageous position from the start.

「What should I do after this… In the first place, how am I supposed to beat the hero… 」

Although he wants to somehow acquire strength equal to the hero, he does not know what to do.

While walking down the corridor and groaning over and over, a maid approaches running and shouting.

「Young master! It’s serious trouble!!! Quickly, take shelter in the basement!」

「Oh? What happened?」

「In the courtyard… A huge dragon.」

As soon as that was heard, Ritone ran to the courtyard.



The Knights, who were tattered, have collapsed on the floor of the courtyard.

Their armor was split by sharp claws, and a flame burned them completely, but they’re only wounded and their lives didn’t seem to be in danger.

They reported to Ritone, who ran to the courtyard.

「Y-young master, please run away. It’s a ferocious dragon, we fought, but couldn’t even make a dent…」

Talking to that point, he lost consciousness.

(Dangerous. Super Terrifying.)

Though he was pressured by the dragon almost to the point where he wet himself, Ritone stepped forward before the dragon.


Bowing to the dragon, who was intimidating with its big open mouth menacingly.

「Mother dragon-sama, welcome, thank you for coming here. I’m called Ritone Shylock, heir to the Shylock house. I was sincerely waiting for you to come by.」

Polite and servile, and to prevent angering her he openly shows respect to his utmost ability.

Because the dragon has been glaring at Ritone for a while, it snorted.

「…At least, you’re a kid who knows his manners. I will listen to you talk.」

Its form changes at the same time it talks in a hoarse voice.

「…First of all, guide me to my child.」

The mother dragon ordered proudly with a figure of a young blooming lady.



「Oh, look at you~, my adowable wittle baby~. I’m glad you were born safely. Chu~ 」

In the room prepared for Milky, the mother dragon affectionately breast-fed Milky.
[SeventhRealm: Wait, is she even clothed when she changed to a human? Also, Milky is still a dragon, so… ]
[Tach: This is baby talk, if any of you knows how to baby talk in English, please help us ]
[Daily: No worries, I got it covered ;)]

「Onii-chan, don’t look.」

「I understand.」

Ritone, who was visually obstructed from behind by Rin, mutters.
The housemaids warmly gazed at the situation.

「…It’s fine now.」

When the mother dragon finished nursing after a while, she spoke and Rin finally released her hands.

「So you’re named Ritone. Give me the gist of what really happened…」

The mother dragon who changed completely when with Milky, then gave an angry face, and Ritone, without hiding anything, talked about it.

The mother dragon, having finished hearing everything, sighed.

「I see, you don’t seem to be telling any lies. You bought the egg from the thief who stole it without knowing anything. If so, then you can’t be blamed.」

「Would you permit us humans for our impoliteness?」
Ritone asks while trying to relax.

「To tell you the truth, I want to annihilate all of you. I’m also one who was raised by a human, the hero Artemis. Maybe this is fate.」

She says while looking fondly at Milky, who moves on top of Ritone’s head while pleasantly squealing Kyui~Kyui~ innocently,

「So the legend that was left is true.」

「Umu, my foster father was a really great man. I was raised like a true child, dozens of humans and demon groups who were aiming for me were subjugated. That gallant figure, even remembering now, my heart trembles.」

The mother dragon remembering something, relaxes her cheeks.

But, the very next moment her cold face returns as she glimpses at Ritone.

「……But, for a bastard like you to be the foster father of my child, how deplorable. Neither your strength nor magic power is better than that of an ordinary human. If I leave it all to you right now, you wouldn’t be able to protect my child.」

「Haa~… So it’s like that after all?」

Having his powerlessness pointed out once again, Ritone becomes depressed.

But the mother dragon, while looking at him, grinned.

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