Sour Grapes

After soothing Nady, they returned to the conference room.

「We somehow made up. Please take care of me from now on.」

「……Me too.」

While Ritone made a forced laugh, Nady held his hand impassively.

Seeing the situation, Gold was finally able to relax.

「Ohh, is that so. That’s great then.」

「Dear father, it’s getting late. Let’s go home.」


Nady pulled her father’s arm, wanting to return home.

「You’re right. Well then, please excuse us.」

「Yeah, as we’ve agreed, so long as Nady is Ritone’s fiancée, our House will be shouldering your debt. Tell that to the merchants.」

「For saving us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.」

Gold bowed excessively, while Nady, when she heard that, showed a displeased face.

As they were about to part, Ritone gave a warning.

「I’m just going to give you a piece of advice. Your mother, the “White Princess Norn” will probably go to the “Spider Dungeon” in an attempt to rescue those from the Lilliput copper-ranked noble house. In there, she will lose to one of the 6 demon officials, the “Earth Spider”, and be poisoned by it.」

「……? What are you talking about? My esteemed mother is an elf, there’s no way that she’ll lose.」

As if mocking Ritone, she snorted with her nose.

「It all depends on you, whether you listen to my warning or not. Please give this letter to your mother. It’s all detailed in here.」
Saying that, he forcefully handed her the letter.

「……You… you are really pushy. You repulse me.」

「Say whatever you want. I certainly warned you.」

Ritone made a scary face in order to express his concern. As Eagle watched the wagon in which the two rode, he muttered.

「……As I thought, I did an unnecessary thing, didn’t I?」

「No, it’s not like that. Using this chance, I was able to warn her. At least, it’s much better than having our first meeting at the academy. Well, I will conquer her slowly.」

Ritone muttered that as if he was persuading himself.

Because Nady rejected him, Ritone was really depressed.

(I know that I’m not a hero nor do I have a likable character, but this is not a game, and we, the nobles, are responsible for the lives of the commoners. That’s why we require money to make a living. What is so bad about being a loan shark…… )

Rin tries to cheer up Ritone who was bummed out.

「Oniichan, even if you are hated by that person, don’t get sad.」

「Kyui, Kyui!」

Together with Milky, they try their best to cheer him up. With that cute gesture,

Ritone’s wounded heart healed a little.

「Uuu…… Rin, you really are a great girl.」

Holding Rin, he also pats her head.

(Yeah! I don’t care! I have Rin by my side!)

As he is thinking like a poor loser, Rin said this:

「Yeah, since oniichan is really kind, you are definitely going to find a nice woman.」


He received some damage as if his heart was pierced by a lance.

「Oniichan, what happened? Are you feeling sick?」

As Ritone showed a face like he despaired over this world, Rin tilted her head in wonder.

「It-it’s nothing. Putting this aside, Rin, how would you describe your ideal guy?」

「Well, a handsome, strong, and intelligent prince!!!」

Rin answered energetically with sparkling eyes. And that Rin’s expression was similar to the one Nady showed before.

(This is bad…… Rin only likes me as a brother, but when she hits puberty, she will consider me gross. Then the hero will……)
[Seventh: lol. so Tach this is what you were talking about. He is really afraid of his heroines getting (omitted)* .]

Ritone thought of a future scenario where Rin smiles wholeheartedly, bows to him, says something like “Oniichan, thanks for everything until now, I will definitely become happy”, and goes to the hero’s side.

「I-I don’t want thaaaaaat!」

Ritone cries while running away.

Rin who was left behind, exchanges glances with Milky, and tilts her head.

「What happened to oniichan?」


Milky also tilts its head.

「But to think that oniichan asked me something like that. What happened really?

Did he perhaps see me as a woman even just a little?」

Making her young face red, Rin imagines that.

「But…… since I’m a commoner, I cannot marry my oniichan, can I. That’s why it would be best if he marries a kind, noble princess…」

Rin sighs, and pets Milky who is watching her in wonder.

* spoiler 😀

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