Nady Shylock

A few days later, while riding a luxurious coach, a nervous man and a petite, beautiful, and fair-skinned young lady were called to the mansion.

「It’s nice to meet you Ritone-sama. My name is Gold Shylock, and this is my daughter who goes by the name of Nady Shylock.」


While Gold was rubbing his hands and expelling an air of servitude,

Nady wasn’t showing any emotions at all.

「Hey, can’t you do a proper introduction already!?」

Being scolded by her father, the young lady reluctantly opened her mouth.

After she introduced herself lightly, she looks down again. With that, a heavy atmosphere was developing inside the meeting room.

「Ni-Nice to meet you. I’m called Ritone Shylock. You’d be my second cousin, wouldn’t you? It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. As my grandfather has said, you are a real beauty, aren’t you? Please take care of me from now on.」

Even though Ritone tries to start a conversation with her by smiling with all his might, Nady only responded by avoiding his gaze fiercely.

「……… That smile, it’s creepy.」

With her commentary, the atmosphere of the room freezes.

「Wh-why is that… I only wanted to start a friendly and bright conversation! I thought that I could give you an excellent first impression!」

「…… But that only applies for the handsome.」


Ritone’s heart felt like it was stabbed with a knife and as if Nady was gouging it.

「What did you say!!??? This brat, how could you say such a thing to my cute Ritone!」

Due to a blood vessel appearing on Eagle’s forehead, Gold began to panic.

「I-I’m really sorry. Hey Nady, apologize to them immediately!」

「I just told him the truth. His made-up smile is creepy, and his ulterior motive can be seen clearly. I can’t allow myself to marry such a man.」

As she said such a remark, she stood up and exited the room.


Silence fell upon the remaining three. And after some time passed, Gold started to talk with a heavy tone.

「……You bastard, have you ever taught your daughter about proper manners as a noble? 」

「I-I’m really sorry. Nady is still a kid, and she only yearns for princes or heroes like those of legends. She has never listened to me and only talked about marrying the hero one day… 」

Gold was drenched in sweat and lowered his head. By seeing the circumstances, Ritone only had the option of consenting to her behavior.

(So it was like that. In the game, she was set as a book worm. If an illegitimate child of the king, whose identity is a hero, were to appear before her, she has no other choice than to yearn for him. To add, I did that…… huh? Wait a moment…)

As doubt surged within Ritone, he questioned Gold.

「It may be impolite to ask, but how is your wife’s health?」

「What? Ye-yeah, to this day, my wife is healthy and travels from place to place as an adventurer.」

「An adventurer…… you say?」

「Ye-yes, I’m ashamed to inform you that she is an A-rank adventurer named “White Princess Norn” and spends her life exploring dungeons and subjugating monsters. Even though she is at that age, I’m truly ashamed.」

Even though he said that, he truly must love her. Gold was blushing while he said that.

(Wait a minute. Didn’t “White Princess Norn” appear in the h-game? She was an older elf beauty that was involved with the hero in an event inside a dungeon. Wait a minute, if I’m not wrong, as she was inflicted with poison inside a certain dungeon, she fell into a coma. Then, the hero cured her, and… that means that nothing has happened yet.)

Once again, he realized that all the events from the visual novel have yet to happen.

(If at this point, we were to be engaged, it would have a negative effect. I shouldn’t push it.)

He reached that conclusion.

「Ritone-sama! I’m really sorry about what happened. I will reprimand her harshly, so please don’t cancel the engagement yet……」

As Gold begs shamefully, Ritone answers with a laugh.

「No, it’s our fault. It was unreasonable on our part to ask for an engagement to a person that I just met. For starters, I should work hard to become her friend. Gold-sama, you shouldn’t scold her too harshly. You would end up putting her in a tight spot.」

「……That’s right. Thinking about it clearly, she is still a child. We should take it slowly for now.」

Eagle, grasping Ritone’s intention, followed him up.

「Tha-thank you very much!」

Directing a strained laugh at Gold, Ritone stood up.

「Well then, I will follow her like a normal child. You should leave everything to me.」

With a bow, Ritone left the meeting room.

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