Punishment and Compensation

Confirming that Gold put the ring on, Eagle smirks evilly.

「Do not worry. Even though I’m this old, I learned something from my grandson. To earn people’s complete loyalty, the stick isn’t enough. One also needs to use the carrot.」

「Carrot… what is that about?」

Gold, who was drenched in sweat, tilts his head in wonder.

「That’s right. It’s understandable that you would think that it’s unjustified. That even though you’re supposed to be the heir just a while ago, you lost your standing in a blink of an eye. I believe it’s reasonable that you would attempt to get rid of Ritone.」

「Th-that’s right! There was a reason behind all this…… Sorry!」

In the spur of the moment, Gold blurted out those words, but a single glance from Eagle shut him up.

「Aside from you, there are others who are displeased by the idea of Ritone being the heir to the House. You must gather information about those fellows, and notify me about it. By doing that, you will receive compensation.」

「Compensation… you say?」

「That’s right. If I’m not wrong, you have a daughter. Isn’t Nady her name?」

「Ye-Yes! This year, she will be 12 years old and she’s really cute…… Don’t tell me!-」

Gold realized something in his astonishment.

「It’s exactly that. I’m thinking of making Nady Ritone’s fiancée, combining our families together into one.」

The moment he heard that, Gold was smiling from ear to ear.

「Th-that’s a wonderful idea. My daughter is extremely beautiful, her magic talent is superb, her personality is good, and she is the same age as Ritone-sama. She is perfect as his marriage partner!」

Gold was doing his best to emphasize his daughter’s strong points. At that, Eagle ignores what he said with a wry smile.

「Before thinking about an assassination, you should have thought of applying Nady as my grandson’s fiancée. Your lack of ability and foresight to think of such solutions made me reluctant to declare you as the heir. Well, that’s enough. From now on, you will become Ritone’s father-in-law, and protect him from the shadows. The child born between those two will become the subsequent heir to Ritone!」

「Ye-Yes! I will use everything I have to support Ritone-sama.」

Gold, once again, prostrated himself and made an oath.



At breakfast, Eagle talked to Ritone in a cheerful mood.

「Hear me out. I was able to appoint a girl who you called a “Heroine” as your fiancée. She will come to our house sometime soon.」

「Who are you talking about?」

「She is your second cousin, Nady Shylock.」

The moment he heard that, Ritone’s facial expression changed.

「Eh? Why did you do such a thing…… 」

「I did it because, you told me that you have to steal those heroines from the hero, to prevent the destruction of the world, didn’t you?」

Seeing Ritone’s expression, Eagle was puzzled.

「I did talk about it, but I wanted Nady to be the last one.」

Ritone started to talk about his reasons.

Nady Shylock, among the heroines of the story, was the most difficult girl to conquer.

Her character is dark and silent. Her hobby was reading, and although she had no interest in men, she showed extreme attachment to the hero, to the point that she fought with other heroines to monopolize him. I told Eagle about some parts of her.

「In other words, she is a bit of a yandere. She is not a mere yandere, but even worse, a yamidere. If I were to conquer her first, there is a possibility that I could never get all the other heroines. 」

「Fumu… was my help unnecessary?」

Eagle, twisting his mustache, was regretting his decision for some time.

「But I think that it could be better to act as fast as you can. Her father is Gold Shylock, my nephew, and he tried to get rid of you to get your position as the next head of the family. If dealt with poorly, it could inflict some of the harm to you. I thought that if his daughter becomes your fiancée, then he could get some of the profit, and we gain control over him.」

「……Thank you very much for worrying about me.」

Hearing that, Ritone gave his sincere thanks.

(……If I’m not wrong, in the game, she was Ritone’s slave. Maybe he was purged, and Nady, who was part of his family, fell into slavery. Even if it’s not necessary that she becomes my fiancée right now, it could be a great option.)

Ritone, thinking that, directed a smile at his grandfather.

「Well, I will do everything I can. If treated well, she could open her heart to me.」

「Yes, you should give your all. As the one who will inherit the Shylock House, you should make contact with her with the utmost confidence.」

Eagle laughs excitedly. However, the encounter between Ritone and Nady was the worst it could ever be.

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