Abandoned Successor

In the reception room, a man wearing luxurious clothing had a nervous face was biting his nails.

「…… Why am I being summoned? Perhaps, it was exposed? No, it should have gone through many intermediary agents. It surely did not get exposed.」

The man who was desperately persuading himself is Gold Shylock. He is the son of the current head’s older brother, Eagle Shylock. He is also the man who was first in line to become the successor to the Shylock family until just the other day.

That was until the appearance of the biological grandson of the current head of the family which he hadn’t even thought of until now. His position as the successor grandly faded away.

It came as a complete surprise since he confidently believed himself to be the chosen successor. It was a scenario that he couldn’t possibly comprehend.

Furthermore, the merchants who were helping him were pressing about settling the debts which can’t be repaid unless he succeeds as the successor.

「…… Gold-sama, we thought that you were going to become the head of the Shylock house, and rule over the territories. However, that was just our incorrect assumption.」

「We deferred the repayment of the debt, and that was because we thought you will become the head, however, that is no longer the case.」

Gold had become flustered as the merchants tuck their hands to leave.

「W-wait, it hasn’t been decided if the kid will be the successor! So there is still something that can be done!」

「…… As soon as possible, show me something that we can agree with.」

Said a merchant as they all left. Gold, being driven into a wall, had subsequently intended to rely on the Assassin’s Guild to kill Ritone.

「Good, dispose of that kid as quickly as possible!」

「Please leave it to us!」

The Assassin hits his chest with confidence. However, communication was cut off in less than a week.

After that, he was suddenly called by his uncle.

Gold, who was anxiously biting his nails, appeared before Eagle, who gave him a displeased look.


「Uncle, how are you feeling?……」

「Unfortunately, I’m not in a good mood. Seeing your face makes me feel unpleasant.」

Eagle looks down at Gold with cold eyes.

「W-Why is that?」

「I know everything. You are neck deep in debt from the merchants who are rebuking you for not being the successor, and to resolve that, you tried to assassinate my cute Ritone!」

Being harshly reprimanded by his uncle, Gold trembles in fear.

「Wh-Who would do such a thing……」

「Still feigning ignorance!? Show it!」

Eagle faces towards the Secretary Kurie and gives a slight nod. Kurie bows and leaves.

「W-What is…Geh-!」

Kurie entered the room after a while, with several coffins carried by the Knight’s Squadron.

When the knights opened the coffins, some of the corpses which could be recognized as the assassins, and the person who was in charge of being the intermediary with the assassins guild had been left in a tortured state.

「You know these people.」

「Who are they……」

「Is that how it is? Then with my authority as the current head of the family, I sentence you to be tortured. It doesn’t matter even if you’re killed.」

By Eagle’s orders, the Knights pin Gold down.

When faced with torture, he confessed quickly.

「I-I’m very sorry! I beg of you, please spare my life……」

Looking at his own nephew scraping his head on the ground pleading, Eagle’s face reveals a feeling of disappointment.

「……I think it will be better to kill you, but I can’t. There is no other way. Put this on.」

A shining ring is thrown to the ground.

「My grandchild developed this “Slavery C*ck Ring”. If you try to harm Ritone, the ring is set to automatically tighten, concluding once it strangles and cuts it off. With this c*ck ring, it will prevent any malicious intent from you.」

「T-That’s… But that’s……」

Gold desperately shakes his head, but Eagle pressures him mercilessly.

「Then, will you die here?」

「Hii-…… I understand. I’ll put it on.」

Gold then equipped the c*ck ring reluctantly.

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