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Daily’s Secret Life #3

Daily’s Profile Page

Daily is a very short and thin man. He likes to think he is tall, but in reality he is only 168cm (5ft6). (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑) He’s also very lean and currently, most of his muscles are gone since he’s being lazy and not really working out. His ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  is big and girthy though. He has sexy chocolate brown skin, brown eyes and black hair, but doesn’t have any facial hair. Unfortunately, that means he can’t really grow a moustache like Hilter. Daily is sometimes disappointing.

Daily’s birthday is on September 4 (just a few days ago) and he is now twenty-two! Happy belated birthday Daily! Daily said he would like a Totoro jacket for his birthday or more funny socks, just so you guys know. His girlfriend is very poor, so it’d be nice if readers could get him something.

His blood type is unknown, but he thinks it’s AB+. It’s probably not, seeing as how one of his parents are O blood.

Daily’s favourite food are mangoes. He especially loves mango cheesecake. He claims not to like cheese, but he really likes it. He buys very cheesy burgers and cheese-flavoured chips. His favourite food is a mango cheesecake. Wake up and smell the cheese, Daily! His most hated food are cucumbers. He thinks the texture is gross. Daily likes spicy and sweet food, but not sour.

All in all, Daily is a sweet and loving guy. He’s kind, smart and funny. He’s sexy but gentle. He’s simply perfection. ( ˘ ³˘)♥



Daily’s Secret Life #2

Daily’s Sock Collection

Daily owns many pairs of socks. They all have interesting patterns on them, like ducks, dogs, peaches and chilli peppers, just to name a few. Some of Daily’s socks are long, while some of them are ankle-length socks. He definitely should buy thigh socks next.

Once, Daily bought socks which he thought had panda patterns on them. At first, his lovely girlfriend simply agreed although she could not see how the patterns could possibly be pandas. In the end, they turned out to be black and white dogs. Sometimes Daily is silly. (;´Д`)

Daily likes to wear socks that correspond to his mood. If he’s feeling a little chilly, some spicy chilli will help him warm up. ( `ω<)☆If he’s feeling peachy, his socks will show that too.


Joblesse Oblige Chapter 5

Translated by: EnzouRakka, Panda-emic

Edited by: Panda-emic, ‘Its’ Expert Abmania

TLC by: Panda-emic


Woop de do. We still alive :3

Huge thanks to Abmania for adding the word ‘its’ at the end. Couldn’t have done it without him.


Chapter 5 – Presently, with my Younger Sister

Harem Slave Master Chapter 9

Translated by: Stupid Turtle

Edited by: Shozenn

TLC by: Matt, Enzou


Shoutout to Matt our BASED VN TLER GOD for helping clear some lines up >.>

Anyway, like I stated in the sidebar, I’ll be releasing stuff as soon as they’re done for now. We really need a stockpile going, but meh.

Here’s Chapter 9. HSM has been pretty fun. Kek.


Chapter 9 – Fun Tea Party

Zombie Emperor Chapter 17 ☆

Translated by: SeventhRealm

Edited by: Doom_Chicken, Daily

TLC: Tach, ColdEmperor

Aighty guys, this is the last chapter of ZE that we’ll be doing, the following chapters will be handled by Pun, so go bother him about it from now on 😛

Chapter 17 ☆