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Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 23

Translated by: Psynkro

Edited by: FallenS0ul, HnM_Peter

TLC by: Enzou, Daily


Supposedly, this chapter was to be released for CNY, but no one had time to do it. Welp. :>

As per usual, huge thanks to fallensoul and peter for tanking psynkro’s dubious tls. kekekekekeke

And oh, I’ve always been meaning to ask you guys, but can y’all rate this novel and if you will it, write a review for it?
I want your honest opinion, with an objective standpoint. Hope that’s not asking much 😛

Here’s the link.

Without further ado, enjoy :>


Chapter 23 – The Hero’s Dream of Despair 1


Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 22

Translated by: Psynkro

Edited by: HnM_Peter, Daily

TLC by: Psynkro, Daily


Woot! Huge thanks to HnM_Peter for stepping up to edit this chapter while FallenS0ul is out.

Anyway, not much else to say, so enjoy the chapter 😉


Chapter 22 – The Hero terrorizes 2

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 21

Translated by: Psynkro

Edited by: FallenS0ul

TLC by: Enzou, Daily


Woot! Was meant to post this 3 days ago! But meh…

Currently back on my parents’ home, so I have no access to my PC.

Huge thanks to NoisyPixy and Joeglens for helping me with some front-end coding! Awesome people.

Anyway, here’s chapter 21, enjoy. Do leave comments guys. Pls. ;-;


Chapter 21 – The Hero terrorizes

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 20

Translated by: Deus Ex, Librarian, Psynkro

Edited by: FallenS0ul->Deads0ul

TLC by: Daily, Enzou Rakka, Psynkro


Damn it Frozen. Kekekekeke.

Huge thanks to Xant for helping me design the illustrations/images. 😉
A measly amount of thanks to Amery for nothing. FOR NOTHING. Jk, thanks for the help bro.


As always a fuckin bloodbath, from Translating stage to Formatting stage. A real fuckin bloodbath.

Oh well. But good news guys! We got a great addition to our team!
Please welcome Psynkro, the goddamned brit bastard!
FYI he pulled this chapter off in just about 3 days!
Although, NNY being the demon novel that it is, Psynkro lost his sanity partway and fucked up multiple lines. Kekeke.
So TL Checking and Editing phase dragged the process for about a week or so, and I had to switch my ISP thru that too.

Anyway, here’s chapter 20. Enjoy.

PS. We cussed the author approximately 70 times during the translation. And Chapter 21 is already in the editing stage.


Chapter 20 – The Hero had the dishes stolen by Minnalis

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 19

Translated by: Deus Ex, Librarian, Daily

Edited by: FallenS0ul

TLC by: Daily, Frozen, inarisushi


Phew. Another bloodbath… Urrgghhhh… Anyway, I’m not even gonna talk about this chapter. Huge friggin thanks to inarisushi and frozen for helping us get this chapter done, couldn’t have done it without them. srsly. Huge props to Librarian and Deus Ex for pulling it off, idk how they do it. But perseverance is one of em. Kookie 😀

Anyway, here’s chapter 19. Enjoy.


Chapter 19 – The Hero will help a bit 3

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 18

Translated by: Librarian, Deus Ex, Daily

Edited by: Doom_Chicken

TLC by: Deus Ex, Daily


Hey~ Chapter 18 of NNY here. It’s dreadful without a TL Checker, but shiet, what else can we do. Good thing I have some friends who I can trouble with with dubious lines. You know who you are, thanks for the help, and sorry for the trouble.

With that said, we need a new experienced editor for this novel. So if you feel like you’re up for the task; able to provide the same quality we have been, please don’t hesitate to contact me thru email or discord.


Chapter 18 – The Hero will help a bit 2

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 17

Translated by: DasAuto, Librarian, Deus Ex

Edited by: Doom_Chicken, Amu, Pelethite

TLC by: Weslykan, Daily


Woot! We had troubles with finding a TLC, since Enzou went MIA again. 😀

This chapter is dedicated to DasAuto’ friend, Cassandra Lockehert! Belated Happy Birthday! I’m really sorry about the month-or-so belated present. Please don’t whip DasAuto ;( kekekeke

Anyway, here’s the chapter. Enjoy! Happy Birthday Cassandra 😛


Chapter 17 – The Hero will help a bit 1

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 16

Translated by: Deus Ex, Librarian, DasAuto

Edited by: Doom_Chicken, FallenS0ul

TLC by: Enzou, Daily


Holy shit. It’s finally here… Can you fuckin believe it?  This chapter took way too fuckin long… Ugh.

This was a pain to translate. Took us like 273 edits according to google doc ;-;

If anyone ever thinks that this shouldn’t be that hard to translate, take a moment to google translate this chapter and compare. And if you still think that it shouldn’t be that hard. I’d like to invite you to join us translate it. It would be a real fuckin pleasure.

Forgive my profanities as it just shows how much frustration this novel has caused me personally. Given the fact that I didn’t even do the hard work. That credit belongs to Deus Ex, Librarian, Das and Enzou. So if you could spare a moment to thank these four, please do 🙂

Special shoutouts to Doom_Chicken and FallenS0ul for the god-tier editing. 😉

The next chapter is actually comparatively short, so we’ll try to have that up by next week. But don’t hold that against me, I’ll cry. Anyway, here’s the chapter. Enjoy ;P


Appetite of Hell

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 15

Translated by: EnzouRakka

Edited by: Fantabulicious, Doom_Chicken

TLC by: Kookie, Daily


Chapter 15 finally up. Been meaning to post this sooner than later, but had some setbacks (internet was down) so I could only do it now. Literally just got done editing it right this moment. Gotta thank Fanta and Doom for that (luv u guys, no homo). Anyway, CHH35 soon to follow, and I’ll (whip) ask enzou and mtlanon to get NYS5 done.

And by the way, the ways to contact us is in the About Us page.


Chapter 15 – The Hero and His Accomplice are Laughing


Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 14

Translated by: Kookie

Edited by: Yume, BigRedComrade, Doom_Chicken

TLC by: Kookie, Daily


Woot. It’s here, Big thanks to Kookie for helping us out on this chapter despite her already tight schedule with her own project. Luv u kookie.

If you’re interested in helping out with this novel, please leave a comment. Need experienced tlers with this novel though… I’m fairly certain.


Chapter 14 – The Way a Certain Beast Girl was Broken Part 2


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