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Joblesse Oblige Chapter 5

Translated by: EnzouRakka, Panda-emic

Edited by: Panda-emic, ‘Its’ Expert Abmania

TLC by: Panda-emic


Woop de do. We still alive :3

Huge thanks to Abmania for adding the word ‘its’ at the end. Couldn’t have done it without him.


Chapter 5 – Presently, with my Younger Sister


Joblesse Oblige Chapter 4

Translated by: Enzou Rakka

Edited by: Doom_Chicken, Felmist

TLC by: Enzou Rakka


Sorry I’ve been away for a while, but riding on the hype train that is our new translator Psynkro, I am happy to return to push out new Joblesse Oblige chapters.

Also, since there isn’t much forward progress in the Mushokuverse, I will also be releasing chapters of The Old Dragon’s Tale (Story of Laplace) and taking over The Subjugation of King Ouryuu (Story of Alexander).

Look forward to the Xmas specials coming soon, and what’s left of the Side Stories that remain untranslated.

Rather than giving a definite time, I’m just going to do what I can and release them as they come. As always, credit is due to Daily and the best editor on the scene doom_chicken, without them, you don’t want to know what kind of abomination would get posted.

Until next release, happy holidays from us here at Daily-Dallying!


Chapter 4 – Bygone Buddies

Jobless Oblige Chapter 3

Translated by: Enzou

Edited by: Doom_Chicken

TLC by: Enzou


Ayo guys, here’s another release.

Well some of you might’ve noticed already, I put up a donation button in the sidebar to put up money going towards our copy of the novels’ Light Novels. Just would be nice to have em for ourselves. Each costing roughly 12$. So as soon as we have enough, I’ll take that donation button off. Thanks to the Arga P. who did the initial 1$ donation btw! 😀

Meanwhile, HSM chapters should come soon, and NNY to follow around next week perhaps? I’ll have to reformat the previous JO chapters for clearer reading experience and gotta go finish the next chapter of CHH.

JO4 will be all about Pax. Kek. Anyways, enjoy 😉


Chapter 3 – Presently, an Ally of Justice


Jobless Oblige Chapter 2

Translated by: Enzou

Edited by: Doom_Chicken, Daily

TLC by: Enzou


Chapter 2 here! Zeke is such a likeable character, much likeable than his father I might argue :P. Anyway, JO3 will soon follow, and then NNY16. So NNY readers, rejoice! Kek. Btw, if anyone is knowledgeable about adsense stuff, please help me :c


Chapter 2 – Presently, unemployed


Mushoku Tensei – Jobless Oblige Chapter 1

GLORIOUS GRAND EDITOR OF AWESOMENESS: Doom_Chicken (praise be unto him)

*undeserving of correct name spelling.


This sidestory entails how Rudeus’ son, Zieghardt (Zeke) goes from being a jobless kid to a genuine superhero like in those stories told to him at bedtime by his father when he was a child. He meets the son of an old rival, and together the two become a force for good throughout the land.

This novel has a total of 15 chapters in 5 volumes. And we’ll be aiming to fully translate this novel before September.



Chapter 1 – Meeting in the Past