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Harem Slave Master Chapter 14

Translated by: Librarian, Deus Ex Machina

Edited by: Panda-emic

TLC by: Daily, Panda-emic


Woot! We’re alive (not rly :D)! Well, everyone in the group had silently decided that we really were gonna daily-dally, but Panda just had to wake me and Deus from our deep slumber >.>

Anyway, please welcome Panda-emic in our group, he’ll [hopefully] be doubling as tler and editor… kekekeke

And check out The Evil Organization’s Recruitment Ad, he works on that πŸ˜‰

Anyway, not much to say but enjoy the chapter :3


Chapter 14 – Farewell Ruu-tan


Harem Slave Master Chapter 13

Translated by: Librarian, Deus Ex

Edited by: HnM_Peter, pantpant

TLC by: Daily, Psynkro


Pandemic, screw you. jk love u.

Not much to say, so just enjoy it πŸ˜‰


Chapter 13 – Top Priority

Harem Slave Master Chapter 12

Translated by: Deus Ex Machina, Librarian

Edited by: bzk, Daily

TLC by: Enzou Rakka, Daily


Woot! A HSM chapter to start the year off, could’ve been an NNY chapter, but meh.
Unless we missed something that the editor spot on NNY, it should be up by weekend.

Anyway, since Psynkro took over NNY, Librarian and Deus Ex decided to make a quick work on HSM. They’ve actually translated several chapters, which is now waiting for TLC. So look forward to that too. Kek.

Here’s chapter 12, Enjoy.


Chapter 12 – Super-big Idiot

Harem Slave Master Chapter 11

Translated by: Stupid Turtle

Edited by: bzk, Felmist

TLC by: Daily, Rinkage


Uh oh. It completely went over my head that this chapter was already completed, but had been sitting on the drive for some weeks now. LOL

I guess Ninjaposter’s underlying suspicion has been kinda correct all along?? Damn it. Kekekekeke

Huge thanks to bzk for editing, Rinkage and Kookie for clearing dubious lines for me! :>


Chapter 11 – Ruu-tan

Harem Slave Master Chapter 10

Translated by: Stupid Turtle

Edited by: Jrcipher, Daily

TLC by: Deus Ex, Daily


Woot. I felt the need to release a chapter. Meanwhile, NNY Volume 2 is out!

And here’s the cover for it:

NNY Vol. 2 Cover

Click the image to go to the page.

Other than that, there’s nothing else to say. Anyway, enjoy πŸ˜‰


Chapter 10 – Feeling Sick

Harem Slave Master Chapter 9

Translated by: Stupid Turtle

Edited by: Shozenn

TLC by: Matt, Enzou


Shoutout to Matt our BASED VN TLER GOD for helping clear some lines up >.>

Anyway, like I stated in the sidebar, I’ll be releasing stuff as soon as they’re done for now. We really need a stockpile going, but meh.

Here’s Chapter 9. HSM has been pretty fun. Kek.


Chapter 9 – Fun Tea Party

Harem Slave Master Chapter 8

Translated by: Stupid Turtle

Edited by: Pelethite, Deus Ex

TLC by: Enzou, Daily


Hoo boy~. It’s been a while since our last update. Anyway, HSM was the easiest thing to do out of it all, so here it is. πŸ˜›


Chapter 8 – Social Standing

Harem Slave Master Chapter 7

Translated by: Stupid Turtle

Edited by: Shozenn

TLC by: Daily


Chapter 7 of HSM! Eginhardt is such a fun guy. Kekeke. Ritone ought to learn a thing or two from him. Then conquering the hero’s heroinesβ„’ wouldn’t be as hard as it is presently.

Anyway, enjoy ;))


Chapter 7 – Harmony Plan

Harem Slave Master Chapter 6

Translated by: Stupid Turtle

Edited by: Shozenn

TLC by: Daily


Alrighty, here’s a chapter of HSM. Not gonna lie, I like this MC. Even though he isn’t particularly likeable. I guess that’s what happens when you get exposed to Ritone. Kekeke.

Props to Stupid Turtle, he’s been doing great as a newbie tler. Keep it up man. πŸ˜‰


Chapter 6 – A Moth

Harem Slave Master Chapter 5

Translated by: Stupid Turtle

Edited by: Pelethite, Deus Ex, Shozenn

TLC by: Enzou, Daily


Woot! Here’s the other chapter of HSM. I just got done translating CHH37 so after patching that up it should be released anytime now. Finally got around to translate that chapter. Whew. Just a disclaimer btw, this novel is only for the luls, and shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s literally a meninist’s wet dream.


Chapter 5 – Earl’s daughter

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