Optimized Procrastination

Author: Enzou Rakka

Mushoku Tensei 2015 Xmas Special

Translated by: Enzou Rakka

Edited by: Enzou Rakka

TLC by: Enzou Rakka


Orsted Claus? Rudeus the red-nosed reindeer? What is going on in Magic City Sharia???

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my fellow Mushoku Tensei enthusiasts!! Though it should have been translated last year, I am happy to bring you this heartwarming treasure for Christmas this year!

Jobless Oblige 5 and 6 are done and awaiting an actual editor, if you read this, you can see my own handiwork on the matter and understand the necessary delay… The Old Dragon’s Tale will also appear, unless I pull a self-edit like some other groups just to get the chapter out and let the edited version appear later, though I feel personally that things should be good quality the first time through.

As of tomorrow, I’ll get working on the 2016 special featuring a cameo from none other than Zeke to assist Santa as an Ally of justice! Please look forward to it!


Mushoku Tensei 2015 Xmas Special


Teaser: Most Wicked Harem Slave Master

Translated by: Enzou Rakka


Chapters 1 & 2 of a teaser project I hope to enjoy translating between main project chapters.
Most Wicked Harem Slave Master ~ Cheater NEET’s Otherworld Reincarnation ~

Please look forward to new teasers coming soon this week.

Also, we’re working poor Doom_Chicken to death, so if there are any eager editors who are interested in an unpaid internship here at Daily-Dallying, feel free and contact us, as we greatly appreciate the help you can offer us in releasing quality translations that aren’t in some kind of indecipherable “English.”

Chapter 01 – Goddess of the World


Chapter 02 – Eldest Son of the Viscount