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NEHA Chapter 2

Translated by: Daily

Edited by: HnM_Peter

TLC by: Daily



Woot! Here’s the second chapter of NEHA brought to you by yours truly and Peter! So I’ve decided to keep up with a weekly release if I can help it, since the chapters for NEHA will be relatively short. By the way guys, I wanted to ask you if we can hold it off a few chapters in until we start dropping some ratings and reviews for this novel πŸ˜€

And for the record, this novel has already been completed by the author and has a total of 154 chapters. It will also be published as a light novel, so if you do end up liking this novel, do consider buying the LNs to support the author! I personally will pinch in myself. Huehue.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say, enjoy the chapter :3


Chapter 2



Translated by: Daily

Edited by: HnM_Peter

TLC by: Daily


Woot! Guess who’s making a come back! Hue, with a new novel too! Anyway, here’s Peter and I with a new novel which I will refer to as Notes Exchange History Alteration or NEHA for short. Title is fairly long as usual with our good ‘ol japanese novels, so you can check out the full title in the novel page. Just a brief introduction, this novel will be history-heavy with a tinge of comedy. Peter and I found it intriguing, fascinating, and seemed really fun to translate. And alas, it didn’t disappoint for me. A really good break from the usual Fantasy/VR/Isekai Tensei stories. Do check out the synopsis first and enjoy reading the first chapter as much as we had fun translating it!

See ya all guys in the comment section, I’d like to hear your thoughts :>


Novel Page Chapter 1

Joblesse Oblige Chapter 5

Translated by: EnzouRakka, Panda-emic

Edited by: Panda-emic, ‘Its’ Expert Abmania

TLC by: Panda-emic


Woop de do. We still alive :3

Huge thanks to Abmania for adding the word ‘its’ at the end. Couldn’t have done it without him.


Chapter 5 – Presently, with my Younger Sister

Harem Slave Master Chapter 14

Translated by: Librarian, Deus Ex Machina

Edited by: Panda-emic

TLC by: Daily, Panda-emic


Woot! We’re alive (not rly :D)! Well, everyone in the group had silently decided that we really were gonna daily-dally, but Panda just had to wake me and Deus from our deep slumber >.>

Anyway, please welcome Panda-emic in our group, he’ll [hopefully] be doubling as tler and editor… kekekeke

And check out The Evil Organization’s Recruitment Ad, he works on that πŸ˜‰

Anyway, not much to say but enjoy the chapter :3


Chapter 14 – Farewell Ruu-tan

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 23

Translated by: Psynkro

Edited by: FallenS0ul, HnM_Peter

TLC by: Enzou, Daily


Supposedly, this chapter was to be released for CNY, but no one had time to do it. Welp. :>

As per usual, huge thanks to fallensoul and peter for tanking psynkro’s dubious tls. kekekekekeke

And oh, I’ve always been meaning to ask you guys, but can y’all rate this novel and if you will it, write a review for it?
I want your honest opinion, with an objective standpoint. Hope that’s not asking much πŸ˜›

Here’s the link.

Without further ado, enjoy :>


Chapter 23 – The Hero’s Dream of Despair 1

Nobunaga’s Imouto Chapter 5

Translated by: SeventhRealm, Psynkro

Edited by: HnM_Peter

TLC by: MTLAnon, Daily, Psynkro


HOOOOO Yes, finally, after 7 months, done and over with. Fyeah.

This novel is very mind-numbing to work on. Full of awkward dialogues and much needed redacting. So huge props to HnM_Peter for doing what he can. Srsly.

Anyway, enjoy. Ughhh.


Chapter 5 – Developing Oichi’s Mouth

Harem Slave Master Chapter 13

Translated by: Librarian, Deus Ex

Edited by: HnM_Peter, pantpant

TLC by: Daily, Psynkro


Pandemic, screw you. jk love u.

Not much to say, so just enjoy it πŸ˜‰


Chapter 13 – Top Priority

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 22

Translated by: Psynkro

Edited by: HnM_Peter, Daily

TLC by: Psynkro, Daily


Woot! Huge thanks to HnM_Peter for stepping up to edit this chapter while FallenS0ul is out.

Anyway, not much else to say, so enjoy the chapter πŸ˜‰


Chapter 22 – The Hero terrorizes 2

Harem Slave Master Chapter 12

Translated by: Deus Ex Machina, Librarian

Edited by: bzk, Daily

TLC by: Enzou Rakka, Daily


Woot! A HSM chapter to start the year off, could’ve been an NNY chapter, but meh.
Unless we missed something that the editor spot on NNY, it should be up by weekend.

Anyway, since Psynkro took over NNY, Librarian and Deus Ex decided to make a quick work on HSM. They’ve actually translated several chapters, which is now waiting for TLC. So look forward to that too. Kek.

Here’s chapter 12, Enjoy.


Chapter 12 – Super-big Idiot

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 21

Translated by: Psynkro

Edited by: FallenS0ul

TLC by: Enzou, Daily


Woot! Was meant to post this 3 days ago! But meh…

Currently back on my parents’ home, so I have no access to my PC.

Huge thanks to NoisyPixy and Joeglens for helping me with some front-end coding! Awesome people.

Anyway, here’s chapter 21, enjoy. Do leave comments guys. Pls. ;-;


Chapter 21 – The Hero terrorizes

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